JIMJAMS Theatre Company formed in August 2013 at York St John University, where we all study Theatre BA (Hons). We all share a particular interest in Applied Theatre, specifically working with young people. Making theatre for young people is a passion that we all share and want to continue after university.

Adam Waslin

Alex Holderness 

Michaela Pascall 

I am an energetic and enthusiastic member of JIMJAMS Theatre Company and I work as an actor, director, producer and scriptwriter which allows me to be involved in many of the key elements in JIMJAMS' work. 

Throughout my time at university, my main focus was applied work with young people in the community. Although I have had the opportunity to work with a mixture of age ranges from college students to children in early years and reception classes, I have found that I am most interested in Theatre in Education within a primary school setting. 

I like to encourage confidence and creativity within young children and make work that inspires them. I am passionate about making children's theatre that is professional, contemporary work that can and will resonate for years to come. After university, I will be working to create more children's theatre and later getting a PGCE so I can teach.

I have been involved in numerous, varied projects during my time at university but many have included school based elements, such as creating and delivering workshops. My interest in applied theatre grew throughout my degree but nevertheless wanting to continue making theatre and a culmination of my two passions brought me to JIMJAMS Theatre Company. 

As well as taking part in the devising process and thoroughly enjoying acting in the performance, I have always taken a keen interest in scenography and was delighted to have this responsibility within JIMJAMS, as well as taking on the role of production manager. I was able to attend meetings and work behind the scenes, which I would never have previously considered. In my spare time, I volunteer at a local youth centre in York, where I enjoy taking part in various activities with a diverse range of young people. I am also a volunteer for a National UK support group charity.

I am a self-motivated enthusiast who has a passion for working with children. I enjoy making theatre with JIMJAMS Theatre Company because of the reaction we get from children. Imagery has played a vital role within our work and I find it incredible how small movement based work can have such lasting impacts on children. 

Throughout the process, I have engaged in a lot of musical work that I had never considered before. I have learnt to play some of the ukulele which helped when adding live music to our work and is something I am proud to continue using in the future. Although I did not write the majority of the script, I am also pleased that I could make an impact through song writing which helped to make the piece more age appropriate. 

Although my work with JIMJAMS has been a wonderful process, I ultimately aspire to fulfill a career in the education sector. In my spare time, I am a volunteer at a local primary school and I would love to use the skills I have attained by working in JIMJAMS to make theatre with children in future school productions.